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Looking to improve your dating life, your body and your lifestyle?
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Hi! I’m Thomas. When I was 20 I had already fucked more than 150 girls. My life is free and full of adventure.

BUT – it has not always been this way! In my childhood I was a lonely nerd, playing counter strike all day. Until late 2009 I was a virgin. I never had ANY girlfriends, not even friends.I was bullied, I was skinny and weak. Everything. In other words, I was a complete  loser .

In late 2008 I was sick and tired of that, an decided to change my life.
I spent soooo many hours every day, soo many years, going out, reading books, getting rejected, having dates, crying in despair, doing daygame, having lots of failures and more and more succes, until I got to where I am today.

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Get Laid
Get Hot
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I now have access to hot pussy whenever I want, either I can call fuckbuddies or I can go meet some new girls.. My game is a mix of being direct, screening, being playful and escalating fast. I am very inspired by Good Looking Loser (see FRIENDS)  I also have a good muscular aestheatic body, nice clothes, a nice apartment, a really close friend, a good relationship with my family, and more… Took a long time. And trust me, it wasn’t easy. I have figured out a lot of stuff, but I’m still not done. Follow my journey here!

From the day I turned 18, I started writing a diary because my life was getting crazy and I wanted to remember it. Then, in late 2012, I was thinking to myself… Why not share this with the world, so other people can benefit from everything I have learned as well? It is a little crazy, but I have decided to publish it all. I hope to inspire you and help you get the life YOU want without paying thousands of dollars for bullshit pickup scam coaching or stupid theoretical ebooks and penis pills.

Now you can follow my life, day by day, from my 18th birthday where I fucked girl number 14, to now where I have almost complete social freedom. You can read and learn from all the aspects of my development, about crazy sex with hot girls, threesomes, pulling twice in one night, public sex, milfs, and lots of other crazy stories, seasoned with a good amount of pictures and videos for proof and entertainment. Oh yeah, and I will show you how I got a bigger dick as well.

As well as uploading my daily diary entries and lay reports, I also want to show you how YOU can improve your life, get laid and all that shit. Therefore I am making videos and articles covering different aspects of life. It is currently divided into 3 sections:

Get Laid

Get Hot

Get Smart

Here you will find no-bullshit straightforward advice on what I have found to be the easiest way that works to meet girls, get blowjobs, do anal sex, eat healthy, get ripped, quit porn and masturbation, grow your dick, look good, make money, live simple, push your limits, etc.

Check my YOUTUBE CHANNEL for videos where I hit on girls, share advice and stuff like that.

This site is based on real life experience

I’m not some fucking scammer. I’m a real dude. And I’m being totally honest with you, showing both the ups and the downs. My advice will always be based on REAL LIFE EXPERIENCE and therefore this site will only cover what I have extensive experience with – unlike most bloggers who seem to be experts in everything. Too many people give advice they have read in a book, But I’m not feeding you bullshit. Never.

This site will always be 100% free

I’m tired of fucking internet-marketers charging tons of money for advice they probably got from a book. I’m tired of fat people giving fitness advice, and virgins teaching dating. I know my shit is legit and therefore I want to give it to the world and help as many guys as possible – I’m making plenty of money in other businesses so I’ doing this to make this world a better place, with more masculine guys and more happiness in general.

Many say, that my site is among the best resources for guys on how to GET LAID and IMPROVE THEIR LIVES. Check it out and judge for yourself.

You are more than welcome to comment or ask questions.

Enjoy everything, and let me know if there is anything I can do for you.

Thomas / Boy Toy

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